CAIP-29: Asset Reference for the ERC1155 Asset Namespace Source

Author Matt Condon
Status Draft
Type Standard
Created 2021-03-22
Updated 2021-03-22
Requires 19

Simple Summary

This document is about the details of the ERC1155 asset namespace and reference for CAIP-19.

This specification is derived from the work done for CAIP-19 by Antoine Herzog (@antoineherzog), Pedro Gomes (@pedrouid), Joel Thorstensson (@oed).


In CAIP-19 a general asset identification scheme is defined. This is the implementation of CAIP-19 for ERC1155 (referencing non-fungible, semi-fungible, and fungible tokens).


See CAIP-19.


ERC1155 Asset Namespace

The asset namespace is called “erc1155” as in ERC1155. It references ERC1155 assets in the eip155 namespace (cf. CAIP-3).

Asset Reference Definition

The Asset Reference format is the smart contract address of the erc1155 token in the current chain_id.

Token ID Definition

The Token Id format is the tokenId of the erc1155 specification in the current chain_id.


ERC1155 smart contracts represent non-fungible, semi-fungible (i.e. fractional, or editional), and fungible assets. See also CAIP-22.

Backwards Compatibility

Not applicable.

Test Cases

This is a list of manually composed examples:

# the themanymatts stickers contract

# a specific sticker asset from themanymatts contract

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